Tips to Exercise with a Busy Schedule

With the summer months approaching and the weather making us feel like we should be on holiday, many people are wishing they didn’t consume all those chocolate eggs so eagerly… The problem is, with a busy schedule who has the time–or really, the energy–to be responsible about an exercise routine?? That’s why we’ve gathered our top tips for exercising with a busy schedule.

  1. Change the way you commute.

Drive or take public transport to work? Try adding a bit more walking to and from work to easily incorporate some extra steps into your day.

  1. Take the stairs.

A tried and true way to feel the burn, opt for the stairwell instead of the elevator. If you’re up for the challenge, take them two at a time!

  1. Skip the coffee meet-up.

Meeting with a friend or colleague for a chat over coffee? Suggest a walk in the park or around town instead. You’ll add some more steps into your day and also help reduce your sugar and caffeine intake–two birds with one stone.

  1. Take a wander around the office.

Standing may not be the best type of exercise you can do, however long bouts of sitting has been linked to diabetes, obesity, and some types of cancer. So stand up! Take a wander around the office. Get some face-to-face interaction instead of sending that email.

  1. Deskercise!

Find simple exercises that can be done in the office–calf raises while standing, leg raises while seated, using your stapler or water bottle as a dumbbell–anything you can do to keep those muscles moving!

  1. Limit your Netflix binging.

Trade one episode of your current Netflix obsession for a quick exercise routine or a 30 minute walk. You’ll feel better for choosing the more productive option.

  1. Get a fitness tracker.

Monitoring your activity with a wearable tracker will help you realize how much you’re actually on your feet (or not), and help motivate yourself to get active or keep up with your exercise habits.

Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle and has been known to reduce the risk of many diseases. It can also increase your energy levels and overall mood! So get deskercising, folks!

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